ten tips to what you need to be an architectural photographer

Got bored waiting for the lights on a building to come on. Hence the selfie with an overview of everything you need to be an Architectural Photographer.

#1  7 foot tall ladder (you can get over a lot of stuff is you’re high enough).

#2 Heavy duty extra high tripod (able to withstand gusts of wind).

#3 High end digital camera (myself I’m a Canon person).

#4 Assorted good quality wide angle lens. 

#5 Cable release (the camera can not move between exposures when counting on HDR to tone down the highlights and increase detail in the shadows).

#6 Safety vest (I’m often set up on the road).

#7 Old van to fit 7 foot ladder.

#8 Patience (sometimes you’re waiting for a long, long time).

#9 Patience (are those lights ever coming on).

#10 Smart phone if you don’t have #8 or #9.