I’m Patricia Holdsworth, founder and creative director of Patricia Holdsworth Photographer.

Making a Difference

Photography has been my life’s obsession. Having explored the medium of photography from every angle and every imaginable perspective, what I know about photography, it has very little to do with a camera. Photography is all about creating a difference for the subject in front of the camera. For that difference to come into play the first thing that I need to do is slow down and observe. Faces, spaces, structures and objects reveal themselves given some time and appreciation. To really take in anything begins with focusing in on the subject. The more I look the more discerning I become, able to pick up on subtle shifts in the quality of light, aware of how the direction of light affects shape and surface.  Identifying ideal perspectives and times of day for buildings or composing still life arrangements I’m always anticipating that moment when everything comes into alignment.

My truth lies in my innate desire to make a difference. One of the ways that I make a difference is through the act of honoring my subjects by creating beautiful photographs


Photography is a technical medium and not unlike any medium, knowledge and skill are the keys to exacting the outcome. Having a foundation through earning a diploma from Sheridan College in Applied Photography was one of my best decisions. Add on years of experience and having always been wholeheartedly engaged in a never-ending learning curve, has kept me relevant. One of my greatest assets is my level of enthusiasm. Don’t know why but I have it in spades. My enthusiasm is in the same proximity as my abundance of passion. I apply these gifts to my life, my family, my friends and my work.