Architectural Photography plays a major role in creating public awareness and appreciation of your building, its location and its interior spaces.

As a professional photographer with thirty plus years experience, I have an aesthetic aptitude for creating unique and compelling presentations of architectural structures. 

Taking pride in my professionalism, I ensure that finished images of your building are delivered on time and on budget. And my goal is to have them looking better than you expected.

Kindrachuk HP

2024 projects are underway

Has your project been photographed by Patricia Holdsworth and you would like access to those photographs? Stock Images are listed on the Stock Images Directory page under 9 categories: Commercial, Culture and Recreation, Education, Health and Science, Heritage, Institutions, Office, Multi Residential, Residential & Kitchens. Each category has a separate page  featuring the photographs of  each project.

A professional Head Shot is a valuable asset, encapsulating an individual’s competence and credibility, making it an essential tool for personal branding. It goes beyond a mere photo, radiating confidence and professionalism, which can enhance one’s reputation and leave a lasting impression on potential clients, colleagues, and employers. Whether featured on a LinkedIn profile, a business website, or in marketing materials, a well-executed business portrait conveys authenticity and trustworthiness, helping establish vital connections in the corporate world.