Architectural Photography plays a major role in defining how we come to know architecture and interior spaces.

Just as architecture is more than construction materials, photography goes far beyond the mechanics of focus, exposure, and composition. Patricia Holdsworth has an aesthetic aptitude for creating a unique and compelling presentation of a physical structure. Patricia has a solid knowledge base when it comes to photographic equipment and a keen appreciation for lighting. Her technical skills when it comes to all things digital are second to none, as is her capacity to be caring for details of cleanliness and arrangement. Patricia takes pride in her professionalism, ensuring that finished images are delivered reliably, on time, on budget, and looking better than you expected. Through her visual style the goal is to present your work to its best advantage.                

Kindrachuk HP

2021 projects are underway

When commissioned to photograph a building the client is charged on a per photograph basis. Clients select their preferred images from jpegs proofs. Each photograph is received as a High-Resolution Enhanced Image File, jpeg image files sized for social media, plus any requested additional file types and or sizing. Custom retouching of each image is included in the fee. When more than one client commissions the photography of a building, HRE Image Files are charged at Two or Three Clients reduced fees.

Has your project been photographed by Patricia Holdsworth and you would like access to those photographs? Stock Images are listed on the Architectural Stock Images page under 9 categories: Commercial, Culture and Recreation, Education, Health and Science, Heritage, Institutions, Office, Multi Residential, Residential & Kitchens. Each category has a separate page  featuring the photographs of  each project.